Tweak labs inc. India is basically a hobby and research robotics company. Most of our products are dedicated to support DIY, Education and Research Robotics. Below are some products which are entirely made from those of our products and other machined parts.

Projects :-

LED on Bread Board, Traffic Light Pattern, LED Blinking, Voltage Regulation by 7805, Different LED Pattern, LED control using switch, Darkness Activation system, Light Activation sysem, LED Fading using Arduino, Mood Changing Lamp, Motor control using L-293D, Motor Speed Control using PWM, LDR based light intensity control, LDR based motor speed control, LED control using Potentiometer, IR Sensor  based LED control, IR Sensor based motor control, Light following LED pattern, Push button and LED on Bread Board, Transistor as a switch, Transistor as a NOT gate, Transistor as a AND gate, Transistor as a OR gate, Transistor as a Touch Switch