USB cables have standardized the connection of computer peripherals such as keyboards, digital cameras, printers, disk drives, and network adapters. These cables are also used with smartphones, tablets and video game consoles. It’s essentially a flattened rectangle that gets plugged into a downstream port receptacle on a USB host, carrying both power and data.

USB Cables

A USB cable makes it easy to streamline your network and collaborate more effectively, while supporting fast data transfers. They’re plug and play and are durable and industry compliant.

You might also choose a USB power bank for extensive power so you can listen to more music, play more games and watch more videos without running out of battery life.

Select a USB extension cable to accommodate the layout and space available in your home or office. Some use multiple USB charging ports for added convenience.

At times you may need to connect a USB cable to a micro-USB port on a laptop, smartphone or other device. There are specific products designed just for that purpose.