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Four in One Bot

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Line following robots as autonomous bots are appearing as popular for those who had just entered into the world of robotics. It’s the most basic example of adding small intelligence to a robot, but it’s actually the designer’s intelligence. Such bots can take their own decision based on logic .After reading this documentation and going through the assembly video provided along with the kit, you will be playing with these autobots. Moreover you can make it modular so that it can be easily modified in future.

The main electronics and mechanical components that will be used in making this line follower robot are two sensors made using IR LEDs, a Arduino based microcontroller board including motor driver circuitry, chassis set, two BO motors and wheels.


  • Compact size and easy to assemble.
  • Range adjustable IR sensors.
  • Arduino based microcontroller board with in built motor driving circuitry.
  • Provision for Line Following Bot/Obstacle avoider/object follower/Edge follower.


Package content :

The kit comes in a designed box with all the mechanical and the electrical components.

  • Electronic Components: Arduino controller board(1), Motor Driver Board (1), Digital Line Sensor (3), connecting wires
  • Mechanical Components: Chassis set, Wheels and motors, Caster wheel, Screws, nuts and spacers.

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